Corona 19 to Economic Economy... Game Market 20% ↑

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[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin reporter] Corona 19, which dominated by 2020, the Korean economy reared back, but the domestic game market has increased over 20%. The domestic mobile game market increased by 40%, and the domestic console market has increased by 57% YoY as it is over 1 trillion won.

Korea Content Promotion Agency (director of director CHO, Hyundai) published on the 17th of the 2021 Korean Game White Paper (Baseball White Paper). According to the game white paper, in 2020, the domestic game market has increased by 21.3% from 15,575 billion won in 2019. The domestic game industry has been dangled for a short time in 2013, and it maintains high growth in recent years. As a result of H1N1 Coronavirus infectious (corona 19), the Korean economic growth rate is — 1% in the contrast.

In particular, the mobile game market has increased significantly. In the 2020, the mobile game market has grown by about 40% YoY to 10,81.1 billion won, resulting in a single platform and the market size has exceeded 10 trillion won. Mobile game market share accounted for 57.4% in the entire game market. Mobile game market share has been gradually expanded to 46.6% in 2018 and 49.7% in 2019.

Lineage 2M and 'Lineage M', NC soft Mobile Games increased by 72% YoY, and Nixon's mobile game sales increased by 60% YoY. Net marble also analyzed that a 14% sales rose by 14% YoY.

In 2020, the console game market exploded. Last year, the size of the console market has recorded a growth rate of 57.3% YoY to 1.92.5 billion won, and the market share increased by 1.3% p to 5.8%.

Sudden growth in these console games is analyzed as a composite of the spread of console game machines and the release of popular games. Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox (Xbox) released the next generation model last November, and the 'The Last of Earth Part 2' and the 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake', Nintendo has recorded a high sales volume to the popularity of the title of 'Gather Animal Forest' title. The Xbox also introduced a game path that is a subscribed business model that is linked to a variety of game titles that are launched on its platform.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on video game industry growth

The case of the PC and the popular game of the mobile platform to the console platform also increased. In addition to the development of the game engine, Indie games can be easily transplanted to the console, but also the performance of the mobile device has increased, and the console game conversion is almost no decrease in the quality of the game.

In the case of the PC game market, it increased slightly compared to the previous year, which recorded 4,855 billion won in 2020, and 4,850,000 won. Even though Antonin has been launched by PC new work, it was analyzed that Corona 19 was overall that existing PC games were increased.

Domestic major games are focusing on developing mobile games instead of PC online games, which continues to continue their new members and PC rooms. According to the December report of 'Game Tricks', the PC Room Statistical Service, Riot Games 'League of Legend' is ranked number 44.57% in the market share. This game has been maintained as close to the PC room share nearly 10 years since the release of 2011. The second place was 'FIFA Online 4' and the third place appeared as a 'battleground'. The fourth place was 'Sudden Attack', and the 5th largest 'overwatch' occupied. In fact, there is no latest game among the top five games in the top of the PC room.

When comparing the mobile game market that has a highly ranked PC game market and a mobile game market, the game companies are expected to develop mobile games than PC Online games, so they can reduce the risk in terms of costs and time in terms of time and time. To be.

Demand for PC online games is also shrunk as mobile games are in the domestic game market. As a result, the game users who have developed a PC game have also been passing to a mobile game.

Nixon, Netsmabble, and NC Soft, which are considered as a 'Games Big 3' in Korea, has already been made to mobile game specialized developers since 2012, and Nixon and NC soft are more focused on mobile game development rather than PC games in 2016 I see a look.

On the other hand, according to the '2020 Game User's Actual Survey', which announced Antonin, a 2020 mobile game experience is 64.2% of the total of 64.2%, which increases by 5.2% from 59.0% in 2019. As a result, male is from 60.8% to 63.7% to 63.7%, while women have increased by 7.5% to 64.7% in 57.2% to 64.7%, and women's mobile game utilization ahead of men.

◆ 2021 game market size 20 breakthrough... Last year exports increase by 23%

According to Antonin, the domestic game market in 2021 is expected to reach 20 trillion won for about 6.1% compared to 2020. In 2021, as the fashion of corona 19 continues, the game manufacturing and distribution market is expected to continue to grow on mobile and console games. In 2021, mobile game sales are expected to increase by 9.5% YoY to W1.865.4bn.

Distribution markets such as PC room and arcade gaming games were largely damaged by operating restrictions in 2020, and 2021 is expected to grow slightly due to basal effects.

Meanwhile, in 2020, domestic game industry exports increased by 23.1% YoY to US $8.19 billion (about 9,668.8) (about 9,668.8). In the global game market, it was found to occupy a 6.9% market share. Following the US, China, Japan, is the 4th place.

As a result of the main exporter and region of domestic games in 2020, China was 35.3%. Next, Southeast Asia was 19.8%, 12.5% ​​of Taiwan, 11.2% in North America and 8.3% in Europe. Compared with the previous year, the share of exports to Southeast Asia rises 8.6% p, while exports to China and Japan, respectively, fell 5.3% p and 6.5% p, respectively.


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