All games, trailers and advertisements of The Game Awards 2021

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One more year the world of video games has set the looks at The Game Awards, the great award ceremony that outside the prizes themselves, has always attracted attention for the ads that occur. And this edition of 2021 has not been an exception. During about four hours that has lasted the event we have seen a good handful of video games, old acquaintances and others totally new, who have managed to make us sigh amazement... and also yawn.

A alluvium of minor advertisements, videos and advertising cuts have broken the rhythm of the gala despite fantastic boot of The Game Awards 2021, with an imposing Hell blade 2 Gameplay followed by the Wonder Woman game advertisement In charge of Monolith, and the new Star Wars video game developed by Quantico Dream, La Gala has lost bellows with a barrage of minor advertisements, videos and advertising cuts that have completely broken the rhythm of a ceremony in which the prizes were delivered Sometimes in a hurry, as if they had nothing to do with what happened there.

The good thing about The Game Awards 2021 is that it has counted on a few ads of great interest, such as the aforementioned, or the longed announcement of Alan Wake 2, which at last has come true confirmed by step that will bet more for terror. Sonic fans have also had double news ration with the first Sonic trailer: the film 2, which soon after has accompanied the trailer of Sonic Frontiers and its colorful open world. The event has left us with other great moments as the presentation of the new horror game of the creator of Silent Hill with a disturbing trailer who has not left anyone indifferent.

Speaking of the INAMI Saga, the Director of Film Guillermo del Too has presented new trailer of the next movie, and has not hesitated to leave a record of the Japanese company, advocating for the return of Silent Hill. Do not forget that on several occasions the director of the Labyrinth of the Faun has loaded harshly against INAMI.

The Best Game Awards 2021 Trailers

Before confirming that the fantastic IT Takes Two has taken the award to match the year, as days ago in the 3D Games Huawei awards, at The Game Awards 2021 we have had time for some other surprise. Of entry, the return of Dune to the Dune strategy: Spice Wars by the Northward authors, but also the first Gameplay of A plague tale 2, which has again left us speechless with its staging and The realism of its graphics.

TELLTALE has made an appearance presenting a video game based on one of the rated series of recent years, the fantastic the expansion, and Rock steady has taken advantage of the prize gala to show a new and spectacular Gameplay trailer of its expected Suicide Squad. The fans of the chief teacher have had the opportunity to see a brief advance in video of the series, and those of fromSoftware, have enjoyed the kinematics of the aforementioned Elder Ring, which premieres in just a few weeks.

With all these ads you can not deny that The Game Awards has been a great event, the best of the year, but once again, its excessive duration and the abuse of kinematics remain some value. All in all, these have been the outstanding news of the event.


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