Absolute nightmare: Pokémon fan washes rare Glurak

The listing of Pokémon offers a review of all understood Pokémon of Pokémon Anime and also Games Collection. The listing occurs in the numbered order of cross-regional, international Pokédex. Overall, over 890 Pokémon (with advancements) exist.

What is worse than accidentally washing a handkerchief? Right, instead a super expensive and rare Pokémon collecting card to pack with in the washing machine! The dirty, not the entire rest of the laundry, but you certainly spoil the action proper mood. Especially if it is a special Harvard from 2005, of any amount of money is worth. This is exactly what happened but now probably a collector, who was accordingly devastated.

Pokémon collector forgets expensive Pokémon in the washing machine

That's the point: Pokémon TCG currently experiencing unparalleled booming. The cards sometimes score crazy prices and can be worth a lot of money accordingly. No wonder, then, that most rare collectible card inside most like your own eyeball be treasured by their owners. It's best to remain completely sealed and stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Proper nightmare: Pokémon fan and collector Ivy R but apparently somehow forget to peep through the pockets of their clothes or view the map. You probably know that. Have been any case has the rare Harvard card fall somehow into the washing machine and wash. Much to the annoyance of the fans. It shows in a now many thousands of times shared TikTok video how the map looks like now:

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In the video, Ivy R explains to stand literally in shock. You do not know how she should feel. But nevertheless they had declared at the time still to let the value of the card still appreciate.

On the advice of many fans and commentator the Harvard collecting card was also seized including in rice inside to find out again to the liquid.

It does not look good:

Here you can watch exactly the card also again:

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If you now get again wants to Pokémon games without cards, there are currently so many ways than ever before. New Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Diamond Bright and Bright Pearl have recently appeared, but soon comes Pokémon Legends: Areas. It did not take long, the launch is at the end of January.

What is the most valuable, which remained unnoticed her accidentally times, and you destroyed?


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