3-year-old game game Meister, and job capacity?

Last year, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, Master High School is the first Major High School in Korea. This year, we celebrated the second year and next year, the third grade occurred in front of them. Master is a school that is established as a goal of employment than college progress, which is the key to the 3rd grade students. For this purpose, collaboration between the game industry and the school is more important.

The reason why the Korean Games Developer Association in the school is the first principal as the first principal. In fact, in the interview with Games Mecca, she said, I think she thinks as I think it is the same as writing a mercenary director in professional football or baseball, he said, she said she had been sold out for two years.

So how are the current game history based on the 3rd period? First, let's take a look at the main performance of the school. Game Master has a thick award record even though I opened the door last year. In August of August, we received the Global Game Planning Division in the Global Industry Game Production Congress, and in November, in November, the SK Planet and the Adolescent App Development Competition, which are jointly held by the SK Planet and the Middle SME, Tour fly 'to enter the entertainment (game) field.

The collaboration with the job directly connected to the employment was also steadily pursued. Last year, we sent a student practice to a new test made by the Kraft ton, and the game in An yang, a game QA (Quality Verification), and the Games Tester participated as a game tester for the Global Game Center Meeting. Since then, we plan to continue to pursue the project to collaborate with the enterprise, and the operation plan for the industry-academia cooperation pipe, which is currently acquiring space, is also established.

The principal said, I wanted to get students' ideas for a sports game in Nesgamun tribunal last year. At that time, I thought that the learning of the children was lacking, and I thought it would be the 3rd grade, I thought it would be possible to collect the idea in the competition. I received the opinion that I would pay.

In addition, from the third grade to the project, all classes are based on the project. This is to raise the understanding of students on the game work process that returns to the project basis. For example, the Chief Principal explained that, as an example, the children investigate the ability to investigate the contents of the investigation, and raise the ability to make fun of the investigation.

I need a game company and government interest and active support

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If so, the principal of Along Look-see is a level of how much the students' skills are? He thinks, I think it can be able to be able to win the students who graduated from a professional college game. Therefore, I would like to open a little to open the door to the recruitment of Master High School in the enterprise. I need to try to give a chance to verify my skills than not to give a chance.

The part of the previous story is also a school challenge that the principal of Jeongseok-hee is thinking. In order for students to work in the game, the industry and collaboration must be continuously expanded. Although there is also an industry-academia cooperation pipe, the government mentioned, Department of Contracts. In the school, we have contracted with specific companies for the purpose of employment and training students, and companies can secure talented talent at affordable prices and guarantee employment after graduation in the student position.

The principal of Jung Look-see is also possible to operate in high school with contracts. It is a way to collaborate with large companies or medium companies to create classes of companies, and are employed by company employees and teaching children. In the company's perspective, he could make students as a person, and it would be able to recruit professional sincerity in the school, he said. She also added that she wants to pay attention to the industry to secure the instructor necessary for game development education.

She said it needs long-term budget support on the government. Currently, the Letters is supporting $2 billion, 1.5 billion won for three years, and the deadline is until next year, Even if it is not about 1.5 billion, I hope that the budget support for the students who educate students at school I said. She said she mentioned she hoped that she hopes that the relevant system will improve more flexibly for the recruiting instructor.

The principal of Chung Look-see was appointed as a principal last year, and the term is four years. His goal is to work in the school where the school attached to the school, and the employment of the employment is to attract juniors and broaden the realm in the industry. This can ultimately increase the opportunity for human resources at the game industry, and the instructor that can teach the game production to the time of business eye level. However, in order to this end, the Principal shall, in order to this end, we need to send a signal that the industry is watching the school.


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