Wagi Em, Graphic Studio Spring Bus Acquisition... Metabus authentification

Piranha Games Inc. is a Canadian computer game developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The business was established by Russ Bullock, Head Of State and Executive Manufacturer, and Bryan Human, VP and Creative Supervisor. Piranha Games is just one of the earliest game designers in the Vancouver location and is presently housed in the International Village Shopping Mall in the Chinatown location. On 25 November 2020, Piranha Games became part of an agreement to be gotten by End Global 7.

[INTERNATIONAL] Wage EM Games incorporates a spring bus into a subsidiary and instruct the met averse business.

Wage Em Games (representative duties) announced on the 30th that the graphics studio spring bus was acquired through a related one-melon. This acquisition will proceed to 100% of the acquisition, and the spring bus is incorporated into a complete subsidiary of one-melon.

Spring Bus is located in 2018, which is one of the largest graphics production studios in Korea. We are acknowledging graphics technology from Global Games, and are working on large clients and collaboration with domestic and international large clients, and provide services that meet customer graphics demand, such as hand paints, realistic characters, and background operations through overseas base studios.

Stagecoach Express and Megabus Buses in Glasgow - October 2017 Won Milks, a member of the Wage Em Games, is the largest virtual reality (VR) developer in Korea, which has a 10-sided service experience in more than 200 stations worldwide.

In North America, China, Europe, VR Contents, including VR Content, has secured overseas export experience and multiple partners, and it combines the infrastructure and strengths of existing one-melon to the spring bus to launch the global market in earnest Plan.

This acquisition is expected to be very large, the business synergy of the first and spring buses, through this acquisition, said that the business synergy of the first and spring buses is expected to be very large. I will be preempted.


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