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Creighton recruits a 29th, a production-linked internship Grafton Producer Pass Finder Program 2 Participant to cultivate a producer that conducts game development.

The program is to raise the understanding of the market and game production of new developers, and grow into producers with competencies that can produce competitive games.

Manufacturing practice, product design analysis, and project proposal, etc. can be involved directly on the production of game and can accumulate experience and knowledge. Here, Reason Kim Chang-tong participates with Chief Producing Officer (CPO) and coaches with the senior producers.

How to Get Into the Games Industry - A Recruiter's Top 5 Tips Creighton Kim Chang-tong said, The people participating in the Craft Tone Producer Pass Finder's program will be borne in producers with a long experience and professional producers, and will be reborn as a producer with excellent capabilities, Creighton We have continued to have a challenging attempt under management policy, and we plan to aggressively cultivate and grow talents with aspirations of game production.


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