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Destiny 2 LightFall: Experience the Largest Voiced List in the History of Destiny 2

Fate 2 Nightfall has among the largest dates in the history of Destiny 2. We believe that this makes sense, because the penultimate extension will impact a lot of voice abilities today. In addition to the main personalities, such as Lance Reddit from the Leader and also Nolan North from Ghost, gamers can appreciate fairly brand-new skill, such as the star articulating The Witness. Here is the top behind the scenes of the one that voices your preferred characters. Actors of Fate 2 Nightfall Amanda Holiday: Courtney Taylor Banshi-44: John Di Mario Klaus: Darin de Paul Commander of the obstruction: Lance Reddit Raven: Brandon Oil Team Kay: Gideon MRI Empress Karate: Courtney Taylor Guard Human man: Matthew Mercer Human lady: Susan Nirenberg Expo male: Peter Jess op Ex Female: Trimmer Awakened guy: Kristin Freeman Stored up lady: Gray Griffin Ghost: Nolan North Score Rey: Mara Juno Lord Sheiks: Lenny James Mara Owl: Kristen Potter Limb: Marin Miller Osiris: Odd Fer

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